With 4 Terry Choate produced (neo-traditional classic country) ALBUMS under her belt, ZERO airplay on mainstream Country radio, NO residency showcases in Nashville, LIMITED singing appearances on RDF-TV, and LESS than “10 road gigs” per year; her odds of “making it big” in today’s country music ... is astronomical!

Tonight’s song selections were cherry-picked from her expanding musical catalog (including tunes from her childhood). e.g., Harlan Howard’s “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down” / Mel Tillis’ “Two Arms, Two Lips, Too Lonely, Too Long” / Willie Nelson’s “I’m Still Not Over You” / Cindy Walker’s “You Don’t Know Me”

One of my faves, is her mashup of
“Old Fashioned Love” & “What a Wonderful World” ... think Patti Page and Jo Stafford morphing into Patsy Cline!  It’s that vintage 50’s era “Nashville Sound” 2-steppin’ (dosey doe) into the 60’s Countrypolitan beer-stained dance halls.

Upon (Teea Goans’) arrival in Nashville (2002), like hundreds of enthusiastic hopefuls before her, their dreams are quickly shattered when reality hits; “Honey, you’ll need to change your “old singing” style to modern “hip-hop (ka-ching) bro-country” if you want to make it here in Music City!“ 

I’ve been following this bright-eyed chanteuse since discovering her on Bill Anderson’s 50th Anniversary Celebration  (2010) ... in a room full of veterans (from Country music’s golden years), this wunderkind blows out Anderson’s “Walk Out Backwards” with poised, confidence, and professionalism equal to any big-name performers participating in that entire taping!​

CONCLUSION: As a dedicated music fan and observer, (PJ) has followed Teea Goans’ musical journey since 2010. Her childhood dreams of being with, singing along, and being acknowledged with vintage Grand Ole Opry stars is an improbable task! That‘s “old-school” country music, aka the Branson (seniors) crowd, not modern “GenZ” millennials hip-hoppin’ bro-country!!!

BUT WAIT!It’s 2020 (ten years in) and we’re smack down in the middle of a freakin’ pandemic!  My final assessment of the alluring musical enigma named “Teea Goans” is now complete...

Luckily (
Teea Goans) has found her Shangri-La in Music City’s diverse subcultures!  Her new found musical niche is in the geriatric zone; from the Grand Ole Opry via Ryman Auditorium, numerous Branson Theaters to RDF-TV variety shows, along with all Family Country Reunions and (Seniors) Cruises ... You won’t see her on CMT, or CMA Fest, Bonnaroo or Coachella, and definitely won’t see her on Austin City Limits or SXSW!

< (Teea Goans’) dreams of being a performing Grand Ole Opry star (circa 1955-65) ...began during her childhood years in rural Lowry City, Missouri, listening to her Grandma’s “country & western” records; resulting in become a weekly performer at the local Opry Theater ... here the journey begins!

Mimicking the legendary Opry stars, the ambitious phenom songstress became a natural on stage;
Patsy, Loretta, Merle, Tammy, Faron, plus all the Hanks & Georges each became her muse, aspiring to someday be included and acknowledged as a working Opry stars! ... so she dreams the dream.

OKEMAH, OKI‘m camped out in the historic dust bowl town (& official birthplace) of legendary American Folk Icon, Woody “This Land is Your Land”  Guthrie ... anticipating my first “live performance” of neo-traditionalist (“real country”) songbird, Teea Goans. (TEE-uh GO-uhnz)

To my surprise, Miss Goans sticks to her goals, rebuking the corporate “suits” derogatory advice. Remaining in Nashville, the young nightingale assimilates into the most diverse musical community in the nation (or world), determined to find her Shangri-la. Teea Goans only wants to “live the life” singing the songs of the “Golden Years (50-60’s) of Country Music” ... so she dreams the impossible!​​

It seems (Teea Goans) has hit her target!  She’s living, singing, and prospering with all the veteran Opry stars; e.g., Bill Anderson, Jeannie Sealy, Gene Watson, etc. The name “Teea” may never become a household one-namer like Dolly, Tammy, Loretta, Reba, Shania, Miranda, or Carrie, but currently she’s on “cloud 9!” 

Against all odds and professional advice, the angelic, vocally gifted, & exquisitely coiffured
Teea Goans ... IS living the impossible dream!

OKEMAH, OK — Finally, the one artist (singer) I drove over 230 miles non-stop to view, to listen to, and scrutinize ... It’s showtime! Taking the Crystal Theatre stage, on a lonely Friday night at the annual Woodyfest extravaganza; the exquisite vocal princess belts out the opening verse to her short, delightful and impressive 40-minutes set.

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