SHOWTIME —  At precisely 10:30 pm, Billy Bob’s houselights went dark as the (clapping) decibel level (over 100dB) filled the vast cavernous honky-tonk shrine.  Whooo!  It’s Saturday night in ole cowtown, as living legend Tanya Tucker saunters onto center stage.

Greeted by a rousing Texas-sized standing ovation,
the original “Redneck Woman” from Seminole, Texas ... launches into her musical showcase, masterfully performing classic Tanya Tucker tunes cherry-picked from her four decades of top country hits.

As a veteran performer since age 13; Tanya’s precision theatrical delivery with trademark country vocals have weather her turbulence lifestyle to define her as a bona fide country living legend. Sadly,
Tanya Tucker has been grossly overlooked and underappreciated, despite her numerous accomplishments over four decades in American country music.

As for (Tanya Tucker) so-called comeback? ... I’ve been a dedicated and loyal fan since day one ... IMHO she never really left;  just timely sabbaticals here and there.

Tanya Tucker is a LIFER, music IS her LIFE ... grossly underappreciated and criminally overlooked; her magnificent catalog of classic country tunes along with that golden twangy voice certifies her platinum street-cred!

Catch her in concert while you can ... a genuine living and partying legend, playing the music of her life ..

This renewal interest in the manifestation of America’s homegrown music entity is a direct response toKen Burns’ latest documented miniseries,  < "Country Music, a film by Ken Burns” ... a grand companion to his other musical treasure, “Jazz, a film by Ken Burns”

Yes, IMHO there’s some glaring omissions, unnecessary focuses, and questionable story lines navigating the Country Music miniseries (just as in the Jazz versions) ... but overall, both projects are an astonishing accomplishment! Bravo!Hats off to Ken Burns and his dedicated hard working staff.

2019  should be view as another milestone in Tanya Tucker’s musical journey.  Young aspiring female musicians, especially in the Americana-roots-folk categories (& alternative lifestyles) started to reach out to Tanya Tucker for musical advice and social solidarity.  

With help from
Brandi Carlile and others, Tanya Tucker has a new album (While I’m Livin’), a renewal zest in living ... plus she’s performing in new venues to a larger target audience!  A new generation of fans are discovering the original “Redneck Woman” and all these wonderful classic Tanya Tucker songs!

“Pecos Promenade” to “San Antonio Stroll” to “It’s a Cowboy Lovin’ Night” to “Down to My Last Teardrop” ... the hit parade came fast and steady.  Miss Tanya, the veteran pro; using every Texas lexicon to appease the Billy Bob’s crowd in song selection ... and finally “Texas When I Die” brought the house down!

Of course (Tanya) saved the best for last; the song that brought her to the dance 47 years ago ...
“Delta Dawn” turned into a very loud Billy Bobs’ sing-a-long!  Encore brought a smiling Tanya Tucker back for my personal fav, the heartfelt sentimental  “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” that left every person misty-eyed...

FORT WORTH, TX — Tonight at the renowned “world’s largest honky-tonk”... seasoned American country music icon Tanya Tucker (aka the original “Redneck Woman”) ... will welcome the sold-out, alcohol-induced, denim-wearing, two-steppin’ multi-generational fanbase ... to her return engagement to the fabled Billy Bob’s Texas stage! 

The aforementioned veteran songbird, whose fiery heartfelt recitals some say are autobiographical confessions; is resurfacing at a time when the national spotlight is aimed squarely on Nashville, country music with all its’ musical offsprings and unusual ententes. 

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