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DALLAS, TX — From Greek mythology, the fable “siren” is a female winged creature (usually ultra-photogenic, a.k.a. “major babe”), whose sexual hypnotic vocals, magically pulls careless (and highly aroused) sailors onto rocks to their untimely doom.

Every spoken words or sounds that comes from Kanene is scrutinize, and cherished by her devoted fans. Her attire (reminiscing the Stevie Nicks gypsy allure) is even judged, giving way to cheers of admiration. The national spotlight on her hasn’t change her small town upbringing.

Diehard Lone Bellow devotees need not worry; Kanene is very happy being a major part of the band (she just had her first baby)... she's not going anywhere (aka NO solo aspirations)!  The Lone Bellow Siren has a lot more singing, more musical challenges, and many many more fans to convert...

WARNING:  As the luring vocals assault your innocent ears, don’t look into her devilish eyes! ...or you will be pulled into her sexual hypnotic spell!

The aforemention “siren” (pictured above) that we are discussing, is the exquisite, eloquent and visually stunning Kanene Donehey Pipkin — cofounding member of the Americana-roots, alt-country, indie folk band, The Lone Bellow.

Since 2011, (Brooklyn-origin, now Nashville transplants) “The Lone Bellow” have been insanely crisscrossing this vast country playing every musical dive, street corner, or shit-hole that would take them.

Here's where the magic begins: the evening “song de jour” of a standard/classic pop gem is serve to the eager crowd.  Anticipation climaxes with oohs and aahs as the opening verse of Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin‘ Away” is sung by Kanene.  Her heavenly vocals are joined by Zach and Brian as the crowd slowly "sing and sway."  Each member takes a personal turn as they harmonies on selective classics. From S. Stills’ “For What It‘s Worth” to Prince’s “Purple Rain” or everybody’s favorite sing along “Strawberry Wine” (check out their YouTube videos for these wonderful clips).

It’s during these intimate vocal outings that a cult following within the group was emerging! Let’s not diss Zach’s or Brian’s amazing group harmonizing; but the soothing seductive singing of Kanene Pipkin is casting a delicious wicked spell on unsuspicious fans. (A few years back, the same spotlight was “oozing” on Lake Street Dive’s flamboyant and very jazzy Rachel Price)

​The high point of any Lone Bellow concert comes with the band members exiting the stage, leaving the core threesome centered around a vintage microphone. Now it’s a one-to-one living room SRO concert with the intimate crowd...

The (Lone Bellow) acoustic core — Brian Elmquist, Kanene Donehey Pipkin and Zach Williams; fabricated a vocal sound (and identity), that’s organically natural in content, emotionally pristine to the sensitive ears, and harmonious to your sweet honeyed soul!  ...it became their mission (and destiny) to bring forth their “revelation” to the world to hear.

Along the way, show after show, night after night, they converted every naysayer to their growing fan base. The concerts, sparse beginnings to later day sell-outs & SRO’s, were uplifting events with sing-a-longs that felt like religious revivals from a forgotten time.