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Sadly, images of Ms Harris, a Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex resident, flashed thru my memories — from an ambitious 12 years old wunderkind, her growing pains w/ tutelages from Radney Foster and others, her pilgrimage to Nashville, her Music City "rite of passage rejection,"  her return home to north Texas, exuberant showcase of motherhood, and finally her renewal dedication to her music and new family life.

... And in our hearts was an achin' pain,

Life ain't worth livin' without the one you love,

Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well!


IT would seem like all the stars in the universe were all aligning with Kylie Rae. A mature understanding of the (music) business and "life on the road." As a single mother and sole provider; she juggle the "live music circuit" along with writing and recording every chance she had. Kylie discovered she could financially (take care of her daughter) ... pursuing the lifestyle of a modern day troubadour. It was a lot of hard work ... but, everything was finally falling in place for Kylie Rae Harris!


NOTE > The Kylie Rae Harris photos on this posting are from music venue The Post in Ft Worth (June 29, 2019) ... Sometimes you take for granted the obvious, then they're gone! ... regrettable, these shots of Kylie Rae Harris are my only ones. My priorities were off since (Kylie) lives here locally, and I could photograph her anytime!  I waited too late ... (my bad)!

DALLAS, TXWTF!  Shocker! News of Kylie Rae Harris' sudden death (Sept 4, 2019) came across (local and national) media Thursday afternoon. I've been photo editing all day; ironically the second set of photos were of Kylie Rae's Fort Worth show just a few weeks ago.

FYI The last 12 years old from this area (Garland, TX) that I followed her musical journey of life; hit the big times while she was still in high school! Oh, the money and fame came quickly. Next came the family egos clashing with outside managers along with drug and alcohol abuse that nearly destroy her career and life. Today LeAnn Rimes (age 36) is happy, married,

 and still performing...

Life is not always fair, there's no rhyme or reason, just unanswered questions ... Kylie Rae Harris (age 30) was truly a beautiful person, inside and out. She leaves behind a special song for her daughter (age 6) Corbie ... "Twenty Years From Now" — a message that began from Kylie's father to (Kylie), and now from Kylie to Corbie. "Remember the love that was given to you and hope you give the love, too"

PS — Sadly, the police report confirms the accident was self-inflicted; fault was Kylie Rae Harris losing control (high speed) of her SUV, hitting the backend of a student (age 16) driver's car. Alcohol and sleep deprivation also contributed to the three-vehicle collision...

With new written material, along with numerous road gigs, the (country) music world was beginning to notice ... she wasn't just another "pretty face" (yes, she's a model, too) ... the "rising star" tag may have contributed to her untimely end. The police reports are not officially in, but personally I think she was pushing too hard and spreading herself too thin! (Kylie) was on her way to Michael Hearne's Annual Big Barn Dance Festival in New Mexico, when the unthinkable happen!