Wayfaring Strangers (2000-2003)
A collective band consisting of Jazz, Folk, & Bluegrass musicians; led by
Matt Glaser w/ 3 female lead singers: Tracy Bonham, Ruth Ungar, &
Aoife O’Donovan.  Signed w/ Rounder Records

HEARTLAND, USAOnward “into the mystic” ... borrowing an iconic catchphrase from Van Morrison’s worldly lexicon; the delightful, down to earth, and oh-so talented, Aoife O’Donovan is forging ahead down life’s (musical) superhighway ... and not looking back!

Crooked Still   (2001-2011+)
Around 2001, Aoife was asked to assemble an informal group
for a concert at NEC. Afterwards the group continue playing together as
“Crooked Still” - developing a cult following in New England before releasing their debut album, “Hop High” in 2005. Later adding Tristan Clarridge & Brittany Haas. (Aoife still finds time to reunite with “Crooked Still” from time to time)

Sometymes Why  (2005-2014+)
In 2005, three multi-talented friends came together to form
a new neo-traditional folk trio. Each member (from other groups) brought a heavy dose of Americana, old-timey alternative country, and progressive folk into their unique harmonic sound. They were dubbed the female “Crosby, Stills & Nash.”
(Aoife still finds time to reunite with “Sometymes Why” from time to time)

I'm With Her   (2014 - present)
Throughout the years, socializing backstage (e.g., festivals, etc.), the chemistry between these 3 celebrated singer-songwriters;  Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife  O’Donovan, was the genesis for Americana’s newest Grammy Award-winning super trio. “Sold-out” world tours are becoming the norm for these gifted and exquisite BFFs.

In between everything else; Aoife O’Donovan found time to also have an independent career with several solo albums!

From there a young Aoife enrolled in the prestigious (Boston) New England

Conservatory of Music (graduating in 2003). During these early years,

Aoife was totally involved with the New England Folk-Roots music scene.

Aoife O’Donovan  began her journey,
November 18, 1982, via Beantown, U. S. of A.
Spent childhood summers studying Celtic folk music in Ireland
before discovering American Folk by way of Joan Baez & Bob Dylan.

For the first time since her inception, this Brooklyn-based, 
modern-day troubadour‘s enchanted, mystical journey has been
“petal-to-the-metal” non-stop!  Now, a smiling, excited, but slightly bewildered, Aoife O’Donovan (age 37) is adhering to the old cliche, “stop and smell the roses” ... while being sequestered in this untimely merciless pandemic...

CONCLUSION:  Maybe I was too gullible about Aoife’s career peak; for this modern-day troubadour (oh she’s definitely a lifer), Ms O’Donovan is just hitting her stride. Her creative cup has not runneth over, and is definitely half full!  Whenever it’s post-pandemic (?), and her enchanted journey resumes ... (every loyal fan will say) ... “I’m (STILL) with her!”

Labeled with overlapping genres, this indie folk-country, neo-bluegrass, Americana-roots aficionado; recently married, a new mom, having just completed an exhausting (but very profitable) “sold-out”  “I’m With Her”  world tour (w/ her BFFs, the two Saras: Watkins & Jarosz) ... has been forced to hit the freakin’ COVID-19 pandemic “pause” button! ​

The aforementioned Aoife (it’s EE-fah!), a gifted Irish-American singer-songwriter, musician extraordinaire; clearly not a one-name celebrity virtuoso that the average household would know (e.g., Beyonce, Adele, Madonna, Bono) ... is IMHO, at the vanguard of a flourishing, magical everlasting career.​​

Aoife's Magical Mystic Journey Continues

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The Goat Rodeo Sessions   (2011-2013, 2020+)
An experimental (Classical Bluegrass Fusion) meeting between masters of their respective instruments, yielded a collaboration of the highest order; christened The Goat Rodeo Sessions: cellist Yo-Yo Ma, mandolin wild man Chris Tile, bassist Edgar Meyer, and fiddler Stuart Duncan, - resulted in the Grammy Award-winning album, “Songs of Joy & Peace” - (Aoife O’Donovan, the unofficial 5th Goat, appearing on both albums, always finds time to be on ALL their tour dates) ​​