Next (Alicia) is beaming about the song (“Heart of Christmas”) she wrote, and performed on her new Hallmark Holiday Movie, “Our Christmas Love Song” as she tells the story of portraying a Country pop star named “Melody Jones”... it’s ironic that (Alicia) actually lives in Nashville!

And in the end, it was a perfect evening of easy small talk ... escaping reality for a couple of hours.  A perfect first encounter ... with a smile on my face ... finally meeting the cute little Zoey (Cybill), to Hope (Ally McBeal), to June Carver (Two Weeks Notice), to Cheryl (Friday Night Lights), to Paula (Walking Dead), to Autumn Chase (Nashville) ... and listening to, and absorbing the wonderful sounds (and vision) of ... ALICIA WITT!        ... until we meet again.

Logging in with 9 Hallmark Christmas movies on (Alicia‘s) resume — some would say (Hallmark Movies) is her day job!  Since 2010, Alicia’s association with Hallmark Productions has given her the financial (ka-ching) freedom to pick and choose her external creative projects and musical endeavors ...

Starring in each and every Hallmark Christmas Movie is a (celebrity) Holiday Heroine(aka Holiday Honey) ... the reigning Queen (viewers tally) of these seasonal flicks is a tie between Candance Cameron Bure (Full House) and Lacey Chabert (Party of Five / Mean Girls) ... but coming in at #2 is — Alicia Witt!

My (heart rate) wrist monitor just kicked into high beeps as a pre-show “Meet & Greet” assembles in the Blue Door’s patio area. (Alicia’s) die-hard fans are finally led in; awaiting gracefully in the main room ... is a smiling, wet red-haired, Alicia Witt!  Wearing a colorful print dress, with light makeup and those gorgeous bright eyes ... Alicia warmly welcomes everyone to her show.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Tonight (after a quick 3 hours drive north), I’ll finally get to meet, listen to, (and fantasize upon) one of my all-time favorite celebrity crushes... Singer-songwriter, Actress, Model, Pianist, Hallmark Holiday Heroine, and yes - Zombie Killer! ... the ultimate girl next door (& major cutie), the lovely and oh-so-talented ... Alicia Roanne Witt!

With the festive holiday season upon us ... my annual Hallmark Channel Holiday “binge-watching” kicks in as my prestigious “ManCard” comes into question?! Put away Godfather 1 & 2, NO Goodfellas, Scarface, or Sicario ... leave John Wick & The Sopranos in Jersey, replace The Continental Hotel, Bada Bing (& it’s working gals) with the Town of Evergreen, Mistletoe Promises, Jingle Bells & wholesomeness to "infinity and beyond" ... yada yada yada. 

Tonight’s performance is a causal one-woman showcase. The former 12-year-old music prodigy begins her show effortlessly exhibiting her extraordinary keyboard skills, before filling the room with her lovely sweet voice and honey-tinged vocals. 

Which brings us to The Blue Door in Oklahoma City ... IMHO the best listening room in Oklahoma (state). I’ve been trying to catch the elusive Alicia Witt in concert for the last few years. My last opportunity was at SXSW ’15 (Austin); — at the last minute, (Alicia) had to cancel her showcase gig for a part in “Walking Dead” (season 6). Hope you caught her delightful performance as “Paula” the “bad-ass”  zombie killer!

Like thousands of so-called Hallmarkies; (PJ) has become addictive to the end-of-the-year Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies ... a joyful reality escape into winter "white" wonderlands, open-fire romances and holly jolly holiday songs from yesteryears’ innocent times.

Supporting her newest musical project “15,000 Days” - touring (20+ cities) from Boston to Seattle, (Alicia’s) making time for her creative passion before starting her next assignment (playing “Zelda” in final season of “Orange is the New Black”).

(PJ’s) personal favorite new song, is “Still Sorry” - (check out the video) - I love this tune! ... A Carly Simon-esqe tell-all torch love song. These latest compositions shows (Alicia’s) growth in lyrical development and her maturity in presentation and voice; e.g., “Younger” and “Satellite (yes, of course she looks stunning in her videos).

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Conversing, as we shook hands, our eyes lined up directly across each (we’re both the same height) left me dazed (& confused) as I flashed back to a scene from “Two Weeks Notice” where Hugh Grant had to choose between Sandra Bullock -or-  Alicia Witt (no brainer here) ... she was very accommodating (acting like she was “really” listening to me) as I talked “nonsense” to her...